Globalization has made the world much easier, boosting the creation and integration of international markets, increased competition between economic blocs and reorganized global production to unprecedented levels.

In this environment of integration and flow of products, investments, people and information, the internationalization of companies has become something not only common but also necessary for reaching new markets and growth. The reorganization of production enabled scale production in the international market – in addition to facilitating import and export, hiring cheap labor and other factors that changed the dynamics of commercial relations in the world.

Increasingly, companies of all types are going international – mainly motivated by the search for new consumer markets, new technologies, qualified labor, better and cheaper inputs.

Internationalization also protects your company from fluctuations in the country’s economy, neutralizing moments of low national sales; makes you save on taxes and production costs (using, for example, the Paraguayan Maquila Law); elevates your company’s reputation – the benefits are countless!

However, internationalizing is not an easy task. Luckily, you can count on the services of companies specialized in International Consulting, such as us, the The Globalist Trader, to assist you in this process.

If you want to grow your business and consider taking your project beyond our borders, you need the help of the experts at The Globalist Trader.

The Globalist Trader has been providing comprehensive and effective services to clients worldwide since 1995. Our success is the direct result of our focus on what matters most to our clients: minimizing the risks associated with international business, properly classifying products to avoid overwhelming tax and duty , and decreasing cycle time, not to mention .

Our Clients

Our clients include small to mid-sized companies that aggregate business worldwide by either importing/exporting good and/or supplying services across all industries around the world. We provide services to manufacturers, customs brokers, agents and vendors, retailers, brands, domestic and international associations, and governments of dozens of different countries.

Our Professionals

Our consultants includes trade attorneys; local import and customs specialists; licensed investment brokers; freight forwarders; and foreign-trade zone and warehouse operation specialists around the world.

Our Global Presence

With representatives and consultants around the world our network allows us to be efficient in international business, acting in trade, negotiations and marketing in this new pandemic crazed times around the world. Our core competencies include any and all matters concerning the movement of goods, services and intellectual property from one country to another, regardless of point of export or import.