At The Globalist Trader we offer our company merger & acquisitions services to help and advise you throughout the entire process, in order to ensure the smooth development and growth of your business.

If you are thinking of merging your company, acquiring a new company or part of external capital, at The Globalist Trader we put at your disposal a vast team of professionals specialized in company merger & acquisitions and acquisitions, to guide and advise you throughout the process , looking for the appropriate formula to guarantee the development of the activity.

The union between two companies is one of the most effective ways to reduce costs and increase the size of the business, but it is a complex process that requires good planning and monitoring to obtain the best results.

At The Globalist Trader we have a team of specialists in company merger & acquisitions and acquisitions and thus, we help your company manage the risk in any business restructuring, such as company merger & acquisitions, spin-offs, company acquisitions, industry contributions, etc.

We are together throughout the journey, taking all the necessary precautions and outlining a strategy that allows the operation to be carried out under the best conditions, increasing your company’s profitability and providing greater value.

We have extensive experience in company merger & acquisitions in Brazil and the U.S.A, helping our clients in each of the steps prior to the merger & acquisitions or acquisition of a company: search, evaluation, agreement, restructuring and transition.

Our team of professionals specialized in corporate merger & acquisitions and acquisitions works closely with companies, helping them to manage their business risks, making decisions to improve the performance of their operations and increase the opportunities for their transactions.

At The Globalist Trader we help companies manage risk in business restructurings such as merger & acquisitions, spin-offs, industry contributions, acquisitions, etc.; always increasing your profitability and creating greater value.

We work closely with companies to help them manage their business risks, improve their operations performance and increase their transaction opportunities.