The Globalist Trader Universal Marketing is the use of Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing in your company’s growth strategy!!!

Traditional Marketing is different from Digital Marketing in several ways. However, both strategies have benefits, particularities and limitations. Understand in this post the characteristics of each one!

Choosing the best way to advertise a company is not a simple task: it requires a lot of market research, research on the target audience and great planning.

Creating and implementing an effective marketing strategy is even more difficult for small and medium-sized businesses, which often have a limited budget and few people on staff. Among the various options currently available, two usually generate many doubts and questions: traditional marketing and digital marketing.

With the rise of the internet, many professionals argue that digital marketing is more than enough to promote a company, while others bet on the use of traditional marketing as the best option.

Each of the options offers advantages and disadvantages, in addition to reaching different audiences and having very different costs.

The ideal is to know all the options, because only after analyzing each one of them will it be possible to decide which is the strategy that will work best for the company, which will fully reach your target audience and which will boost sales.

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

It is possible to restrict traditional marketing to all of a company’s communication made through offline channels such as television, radio, newspapers, print products, among others.

It’s marketing as most people know it: it ranges from large ads running on prime-time TV (which cost millions) to small flyers distributed at traffic lights (at a much lower cost and accessible to most businesses).

Although traditional, none of these techniques have fallen out of favor and continue to show effective results for companies that use them. Some advantages that traditional marketing offers are:

Visibility: as the reach of traditional media is very large, the brand will be seen by many people, increasing its brand awareness;

Great Reach: only with traditional marketing is it possible to reach places without access to the internet or TV, through radio and printed media;

Reaching an older audience: the vast majority of older people are not used to accessing the internet and, when they do, they do not trust what they see there. So if your target audience is senior citizens, traditional marketing should be in your strategy;

Reality: being tangible, print communication is considered more real than online campaigns. People tend to trust companies that also see traditional media like TV, radio and print materials more;

Duration: the printed material still offers the advantage of lasting longer. A flyer can sit for several days in a person’s home or office, a magazine can sit in waiting rooms for months, making your brand ad reach more people for a longer period of time;

Online visibility: if the campaign is well done, it can generate high visibility on the internet organically, through online portals and social networks.

As it is often associated with large campaigns run by multinational companies, the general perception is that traditional marketing can only be used by large companies with very high budgets.

However, traditional marketing can be affordable and can be used by small and medium businesses, just align the strategy as per the available budget.

Look for niche media: neighborhood newspapers, magazines with specific themes, community radio. As they are smaller, they tend to have a lower cost, but at the same time, they are very effective as they reach a specific audience.

Printed materials: direct mail, flyers delivered at traffic lights, posters at strategic locations… Traditional marketing through printed materials is a low-cost way to reach a large audience.

Gifts: delivering gifts to customers and employees brings many advantages. You can use gifts to encourage a purchase, build customer loyalty, reinforce your brand. Think of materials that are useful in a person’s daily life, such as a notebook. Most likely, whoever received the gift will use it at various times, making the brand to be remembered frequently.

Digital Marketing are communication and marketing actions carried out in the online environment (websites, blogs, social networks, mobile and other digital media) with the aim of promoting and/or selling companies, products or services.

Every type of action taken in a digital environment is included in digital marketing: publications on social networks, email marketing, SMS marketing, website advertising, etc.

Digital marketing has been gaining more and more space in companies for offering numerous advantages