Due to mobility restrictions imposed by COVID, Cooperativa de Cafés Marigaense needs to find a tool that allows it to develop commercially in North America without traveling as it used to and find potential specialized buyers taking into account the potential of different states and their particularities.

To have a broad impact on a market as large as the United States:

Design of a proposal that included two complementary services.

Virtual agenda with monitoring and simultaneous translation aimed at the states where you want to have the greatest impact: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Georgia and South Carolina.

List of potential customers validated with companies divided into East Coast, West Coast and Center, with company data, purchasing manager and contact information validated by phone.

The approach gave them the possibility to cover a vast territory with contained expenses and have perfect visibility of the market potential for their present and future actions.

Listing with validated information and contacts of 50 potential customers segmented by region and virtual commercial agenda with 10 effective meetings with potential buyers from the states prioritized by the Cooperative.

Thanks to this action, commercial results were obtained for the participating companies and a broad validated and verified database was generated, which will allow the cooperative to continue designing future actions in the market.


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