Ornel Electronic is a company specialized in the sale of high quality electronic components. To ensure their highest quality standards, they needed to audit the capability of one of their suppliers, as well as the product and all logistical management.

After an initial meeting with the company and understanding its objectives in detail, a three-phase audit process was proposed:

Audit of the company, both financially, certifications and export capacity.

Audit of the product and manufacturing process, taking into account very technical and specific details to ensure the highest quality and adequacy to the company’s needs.

Logistical audit of the shipment and shipment processes.

Several visits to the factory were carried out to analyze the entire production process, as well as we went through our team at the factory and at the port to review the adequacy of the entire logistical process.

Through detailed reports with photographs, videos and highly relevant technical information, the company was able to compare all the information and start its purchase process with maximum guarantees.


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