The Globalist Trader plays the role of country manager, develops annual global plans, either for a specific market or for a combination of different countries. During the working period, The Globalist Trader acts as your office at the destination. We perform all the functions your company needs, such as:

Obtaining market and competition information

situation analysis

Prospecting and searching for potential customers and distributors

Sending your company information

Meetings to present your offer

order management

Legal procedures and possible certifications

Preparation of trips to the market and meeting schedules


Legal, administrative and commercial advice

In other words, we are your office in the destination country. Your company has a Country Manager at the destination to manage the market permanently! This formula represents significant savings for the company and an advantageous position, as it immediately goes from not knowing a market to being physically present to meet the potential existing demand, with a native employee, which facilitates communication with the company.