The extensive structure of our own offices at an international level, the experience in the business development of our teams and the continuous integration of digital tools allow us to offer unique and innovative services adapted to the reality of each project, always with a focus on results and on the opening of opportunities.

The company contacts the The Globalist Trader in order to know in detail the behavior of its direct competition in the main channels where it operates in order to generate a more adequate positioning strategy and understand in detail its development process in the market and what new opportunities may arise. to offer. to offer.

By working closely with the company to understand its objectives, different market analysis processes were generated, ranging from the application process to the detailed analysis of the competition.

The GT analysis in its main channels with detailed reports with images and analysis of different variables ​​from price.

Composition and positioning strategy of your competition.

Detailed study of the import and export process, requirements and issues that can affect or influence the value chain and the final positioning against the competition.

After reporting the results and continuing the process of reviewing specific issues that may require the expansion of certain operational areas of the company, it was possible to have objective data with high added value for decision-making that allow for greater growth of the company in the parents.


Tell us about your project. Our team of experts will be able to guide your internationalization project.