Have you ever considered the possibility of internationalizing your company in order to expand your brand and reach new markets? Does your company have a differentiated service/product with global potential?

The Globalist Trader’s mission is to help Brazilian companies grow by providing full assistance in the internationalization process. Through our international consultancy service, we put at your disposal a complete team of specialized and highly experienced professionals.

The Globalist Trader seeks to have a broad knowledge of the international situation, that is, to be aware of events around the world and the way they affect the relations between States, companies and people. We pay attention to the resolutions of bodies such as the WTO, World Bank and ILO, to movements in the international financial sector, to international investments, and especially to the opportunities created by these actions. In our International Marketing, Taxation Consulting and Innovative Product Prospecting services, we seek to investigate trends and behaviors in the international market, assess tax laws for export and import financial planning, and increase sales and customer visibility through an innovative product.

Our international consultants will assist you throughout the internationalization process, assisting in the introduction of products or services in new foreign markets, as well as in the implementation process in new countries.

The international consultancy provided by The Globalist Trader does not only deal with matters relating to foreign trade operations – in fact, the International Consultancy also takes into account cultural, social and normative aspects when inserting a company or institution in any country.

International Consulting companies have extensive knowledge of these aspects: they have a very good knowledge of the legislation of the country in which the institution wants to establish itself, as well as its values ​​and culture (including religion, traditions and even holidays), they deeply understand the functioning of the economy and the the country’s tax system, the ups and downs of the market, and the dynamics of supply and demand. However, we do not only work with factors external to the companies.

The Globalist Trader offers, for example, Internal Planning and International Benchmarking services, which we seek to reorganize the operating systems of companies to deal with internationalization and analyze the processes and successful practices of leading companies and apply them in our companies. customers, respectively.

The Globalist Trader provides International Consulting services to companies of the most different types: Agribusiness, Packaging, Hygiene, Sustainability and Innovation Sectors – our success stories include companies from different areas of the market and our clients include small and medium-sized companies.

Interested? Do you want to know more about Internationalization processes and International Consulting? Contact us via e-mail contato@kobylinski.com.br or via phone\whatsapp: +1 (305) 981-6347.