The Globalist Trader, leader in the cosmetic sector in Latin America, with operations in more than 10 countries including the United States, raises for The Globalist Trader the objective of entering the Mexican market and the need to know in detail the evolution and trends in the sector. at a professional level, as a large consumer to evaluate the entry model.

Given the company’s wide experience internationally and the difficulties and high competitiveness of the Mexican market in this sector:

A process of analysis of the evolution of the professional and mass consumption segments was established, analyzing the trends of consumers and professionals in the sector.

In detail, the evolution of the main cities in the country in question was deepened in the number of beauty centers and hairdressers, main products and market growth, consumption trends and price level in the retail channel and growth of the main national centers and brands of the international market.

The detailed report allowed the company, with the help of the The Globalist Trader team, to establish an appropriate entry strategy, project needs and positioning strategy. The company’s high satisfaction allowed the The Globalist Trader to continue to support the The Globalist Trader’s international expansion by running a commercial agenda in Brazil and supporting the company’s deployment in the US.


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