In its strategy to establish itself in the Latin American market, Icone-Rio asked The Globalist Trader for support in opening business opportunities in Latin America. Its main objective was to promote the portfolio of augmented analytics solutions, focusing on companies in the financial, insurance and retail sectors in Brazil; what was lacking was access to the highest level contacts in those countries.

From The Globalist Trader, the virtual business calendar was selected as the service that could have the greatest impact in the short term. Due to the high level of companies and contacts required, the agenda would use The Globalist Trader’s network of contacts, which would make a preview of icone-Rio’s services to validate the interest on the part of the Colombian company. Thanks to this, icone-Rio would be convened exclusively for meetings with decision makers and with the potential to become a business, being always accompanied by the The Globalist Trader team to support them with cultural knowledge and generate a message of confidence for the potential client when they realize a place continued your presence.

A long list of top companies in each of the target sectors was generated: healthcare, finance, insurance, utilities, retail and telecommunications.

icone-Rio validated 41 of these contacts as highly interesting companies. After identifying the decision maker in each organization and making the initial presentation of the portfolio offered, a meeting was concluded with those who showed real interest. As a result of this work, successful meetings were held with 8 companies, which were attended by high-level profiles such as CEO, CFO and Chief Data & Analytics Officer. Among the companies are one of the largest business groups in Latin America, two of the 10 most important banks on the continent and the 3 TOP Argentines in media, insurance and telecommunications.


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