WELBER DREAM CREAM is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of organic nut creams which, after introducing its products on the national market, decided to start an international project in the European market through its own e-commerce.

Therefore, it raised the need to prioritize markets that would allow it to begin its expansion with those in which its product would have greater receptiveness.

After a first meeting with the company, in which we were able to identify their needs and the main characteristics of their business, a selection of markets was proposed with subsequent in-depth study that would allow the company to make a decision on the first step in its international expansion.

This study had a first pre-selection of markets, taking into account general and sector-specific variables.

This study included:

A first pre-selection of markets which, taking into account general and sector variables (the digital variables were also taken into account given the nature of the project), allowed a first filtering, identifying the main European countries with the greatest potential for Vegana Lopes. These were the following:

Analysis and study of a greater number of key variables for WELBER DREAM CREAM’ business in each of the identified markets.

Analysis of ​​digital variables since the objective was to open an online store adapted to the selected country;

Analysis of logistical and commercial variables.

Achievement of 100% objective scoring through a qualification matrix, the markets with the greatest potential for WELBER DREAM CREAM could be identified.

More detailed study of each of these markets, taking into account the identification and analysis of competitors, search for keywords, costs and logistical procedures, technical report of the product for each country, analysis of demand and consumption behavior, identification of commercial alternatives (presence in local e-commerce), etc.

Finally, a series of suggestions and a strategy were presented that would allow the company a successful introduction to the markets through digital elements, use of network campaigns, SEO / SEM positioning, keyword identification, etc.

Through this study and detailed reports with all the data and information collected, WELBER DREAM CREAM was able to identify the most suitable markets to start its international expansion and develop a digital marketing strategy that would allow it to position its product in these new markets.


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