The beginning of a company’s internationalization process presents many unknowns and difficulties. In this first phase of the process, Victor Hugo, a company in the veterinary sector, contacts The Globalist Trader with the aim of starting its internationalization process and promoting its exports to other countries.

To support Victor Hugo’s entry into the foreign market:

The Globalist Trader provides the company with a team in charge of defining an international commercial strategy.

Selection of markets with the greatest potential and full execution of its internationalization process, from product adaptation, registration, logistics and contract management, to sales, distribution management and development of country strategies that promote brand development and the growth of your sales.

The The Globalist Trader team is made up of consultants with great capacity for commercial opening and specialized in different areas of foreign trade: international marketing, logistics and order management, regulation and registration, contractual negotiation and international payments.

In a continuity project of this type, the client has full visibility of his progress through almost daily communication and periodic activity reports, he is a participant in the main decisions that affect the international activity of his company.

Victor Hugo started its internationalization in 2018 with the The Globalist Trader, currently exports to more than 20 countries through exclusive distributors in Europe and Latin America. This allowed the brand to position itself as an international reference and gain recognition among veterinarians around the world.


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